Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hot Seat

I did a search on Ravelry.com and found ONE bike seat cover that I really wanted to try out.....I went to the link and it was all in Dutch. OH NOES!! Normally my MAC can translate but for some odd reason there were errors on the page and I couldn't get it translated.

Instead of wanting to bang my head on the desk I decided not to get discouraged. I took some light weight clear vinyl and traced the seat of my bike. From there I just winged it. lolz. It took a few hours, 1 skein, and 2 partial rips to get it right. I'll get motivated this week and write out the pattern (yeah I'm one of those people that forget to write it as they go). I've tested the cover and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I want to try using PLARN with lightweight poly (spin plarn with the light weight yarn) for the next one and see how that one holds up.

Since I have the vinyl pattern I figure I might as well see about making some with fabric.

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