Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hot Seat

I did a search on Ravelry.com and found ONE bike seat cover that I really wanted to try out.....I went to the link and it was all in Dutch. OH NOES!! Normally my MAC can translate but for some odd reason there were errors on the page and I couldn't get it translated.

Instead of wanting to bang my head on the desk I decided not to get discouraged. I took some light weight clear vinyl and traced the seat of my bike. From there I just winged it. lolz. It took a few hours, 1 skein, and 2 partial rips to get it right. I'll get motivated this week and write out the pattern (yeah I'm one of those people that forget to write it as they go). I've tested the cover and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I want to try using PLARN with lightweight poly (spin plarn with the light weight yarn) for the next one and see how that one holds up.

Since I have the vinyl pattern I figure I might as well see about making some with fabric.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easy Fabric Labels

I tend to be cheap when it comes to items I WANT but might not NEED. Personal Labels have been on my 'want' list for a while now. They tend to be a little expensive to special order and I don't own a nice embroidery machine to zip a few up on a whim. What I do own is a computer, a printer and a few other items to make easy labels.

I've seen packages of Printable fabric paper available pretty much everywhere now. Bleh. That is still out of my price range. I did mention I'm cheap didn't I? You can try using pre-packaged printable fabric, this project doesn't use it. This project was posted on a forum I'm a member of, I didn't think it up I'm just passing it on. I have added my commentary in (( double brackets)).

Total Cost for project depends on how many labels you are looking to make. I spent $7 in total for a roll of freezer paper and 12" of cotton fabric. Freezer paper was just about $6 of that budget. Its a huge roll so I know I'll be using it for several other projects as well. It will get used!!


* Microsoft Word, Open Office or Adobe Photoshop ((I own a MAC so I don't have 'Word', I used a free program from http://www.avery.com that has free templates))

* B/W or Color Printer ((I used a color printer))

* good quality, thin, evenweave cotton ((Zippedshut used 100% cotton from the fabric department of wal-mart))

*freezer paper (it's paper on one side and plastic on the other. Reynold's makes a nice one)

*white vinegar

*baking sheet

How To:

1. Create a document template with rows and columns which are the size of clothing label you would like. Be sure to include seam allowances on whatever side you'll be attaching your label with. ((If you've downloaded the free Avery templates this goes faster plus you can add images if you'd like))

2. Using the font of your choice, clip art, etc., create your labels within the template.

3. Prepare your fabric. Wash (do NOT use fabric softener) and rinse with a vinegar solution to be sure that all sizing/soap residue is removed. Tumble dry for 15 minutes (NO dryer sheet) and then iron while slightly damp (NO startch) . Be careful that the fabric remains on the grain and doesn't stretch or twist.

((I skipped this step. lol. You can do it or skip it. I can say from experience that it won't make a difference))

4. With the plastic side facing the fabric, apply the freezer paper to the fabric with a hot, dry iron. It might bubble a bit. Don't worry about that.

5. Using a piece of paper from you printer as a template, cut out sections of your paper/fabric.

Note: You can either cut on the grain or the bias. I cut mine on the bias so that I could leave the edges raw and they wouldn't fray.

6. Print your label document on the paper/fabric pieces. Be sure that the edges lay flat when you insert them into the printer or it might not feed properly.

7. Remove paper backing and allow ink to dry completely.

((once I let the ink dry I went ahead and ran the iron back over the labels before stripping off the paper backing. Heat sets the ink nicely even if you have already peeled the backing off))

8. Fill a baking sheet with vinegar. Soak your sheet of labels for about five minutes (this sets the ink, further). Remove, and rinse with cool water.

Note: Some colors will bleed or fade when placed in the vinegar bath, hence my suggestion to use black.

(( I did a set with half black and half green. The black stayed thru vigorous washing by hand. The green faded after a few times in the sink. I suggest making a test page of all colors and seeing what does what. I'm going to attempt a rainbow test page today.))

9. Tumble dry on high heat until only slightly damp, and then iron with a hot iron. This finishes setting the ink.

10. Cut your labels to size.

And you're done! You'll be surprised how easy it is and how good they look. I've been sewing for so long, it's a lot of fun to finally have my own labels. :)

I found this to be a quick and helpful project. Hopefully it helps you as well.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bernina My Label

I came across a pattern drafting program by Bernina. Has anyone else seen this or used it yet? : MY Label  Looks like an amazing program. I'm quite bummed out that it isn't available on MAC. For those of you that have a PC you should check it out!!

In other news, I came in 2nd in the Burda Style / Bernina Brand Ambassador Contest. I'm elated. After I got the email earlier I was bouncing around the house doing a happy dance. Yes even at 31 I do happy dances. I can't wait to become an Ambassador and of course try out one of their machines. The contest was a lot of fun and quite a learning experience for me. I got to try my hand at making a Stop Motion video and create puppets. Just one more thing I will continue to add to my project lists (the puppets).

For the next year I will be tracking my projects and experiences with bernina. I hope you stay tuned in.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sew much to do, sew little time

Its been a busy week. I went out and picked up a dapping/doming set and have been tinkering with it non-stop. I'm sure the people in my household are sick of the bang bang banging coming from my room. hehe. I have taken a small break from that to pull out the screen-printing. That in itself has been quite a pain in the rump. I'll be working on that again tomorrow then back to some sewing.

I'm just about finished transferring the previously posted skirt to a PDF Pattern. Hope to have it up on Burda by the weeks end. I have a pile of pieces cut to make some more skirts. Pix will be up once they are finished.

 I ran across an amazing tutorial for making clothing labels. I should have that up soon too. I wanted to try it out before I post it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Burda Style / Bernina

I got picked for the top 5 in the Burda Style / Bernina Ambassador contest. I'm so elated. It was such a fun project and quite a learning experience!!

 If you want to check it out and vote for me or any of the other 4 finalists you can here. Such amazingly creative videos. I'm happy I got to be a part of this experience.

***UPDATE they changed the link from this morning. Those votes on the old link are not going to be counted. =[ I'm super sad about that. If you already voted please use the link above that has been edited to the new address. Thank you so much for your vote and support!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New outfit

Its not quite a 'spring' outfit but its done and I can't wait to wear it!!

Ta-Da!! The skirt is done!!

My sister picked up this skirt (the grey one to the side there -->) way back in '05 for me. She had worn her red one (just like it) to my house. I loved the flow it had. I couldn't believe she went out and bought me the grey one. Needless to say I've had it a while now and its been thru a lot of wear. Every time I've worn it I've thought about using it as a pattern to make more. Laziness ..oh pure laziness. I finally made a pattern from it (this past week), without taking it apart (one of those side effects of laziness, haha). The pattern came out very well and was incredibly easy. Its 4 pieces. Front side, front split, back, and waist band. It took longer to take pictures than it did to make it. 
The skirt fabric is lightweight knit. I know I've had this stashed away, for a while, with the intention of making a nice fall dress or skirt and wrap top. I didn't realize HOW much I had bought at the time. Turns out I have more than enough for a dress and a top even after making this skirt!!

Close up of the crocheted tank top (just about done)

Last month while I was Artwalk I was working on the crochet top above. Its just about finished. Just need to bind the edge and add the straps. 

I'm really happy with how this outfit has turned out. I plan on digging thru the fabric stash to make some more skirts soon. 

I still find it amusing that as a child and young adult I despised wearing skirts and now I find myself wearing dresses and skirts a lot. 

I'll be posting this up on my burdastyle profile and will get the pattern scanned/instructions  if anyone is interested.   
 Keep on stitching.