Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am a bit overwhelmed and excited. Just a bit. *giggle* I got word that my new Bernina machine was ready to be picked up on friday and I picked it up on saturday after noon. I got to learn a few things about the Bernina 330 while I was in Paula's Fine Fabrics. My class lessons are postponed until July. A little bummed I have to wait but its going to be worth it. So back to the test drive, WOW! Bernina is just amazing. The machine is very smart (it has a memory for stitches that you've done and can be easily programmed) and easy to use. So far I'm absolutely in love with the feel of the machine. Its very sturdy but has an aire of modern (sleek silver accents and lcd panel) to it. The 330 has little thread cutters places in places you need them, like near the bobbin (it self threads the need to pull it thru the top!!) and the bobbin winder as well, not to mention to the side of the sewing foot. *giddy* Threading was a breeze, making a bobbin was a breeze. I think the foot pedal might be one of my fave features as to the aesthetics of the machine (i'll make sure to get a picture of that soon). The cord winds into a self contained compartment on the bottom. No more loose cords!

I took it out of the box last night and have it all set up. Now that I'm done with my impromptu callin and my errands have all been run I am about to go break it in. skiddlydoo!

Here are a few photos of the machine I got.

with the dust cover on, its sexy. It has pockets for the cords and pedal to rest in.

While I was waiting for my bernina to get here I started some micro greens. Its been fun trying to get my thumb from brown back to green. Since living in Fl my experience with growing things has been terrible so I picked up a few books on growing microgreens. Its only been a few days since I got seeds into dirt and they are coming along very nicely. Growing indoors always seemed like it might be hard but so far its been convient and easy.

here are a few pix of how they look so far:

mesclun lettuce mix (these are fast growers. I have 2 other types of lettuces I want to get started as well...then I will dive into some wheatgrass)

Beet micro greens (I love that some of the seedlings have a nice red hue already, tangy!)

snow peas as micro greens

Garlic Chives (these and most herbs will take a little longer to start sprouting)

I didn't know how easy and useful mircogreens really are. They can be used in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and juices for a punch of taste and a boost of vitamins (and other good stuff). Growing them is as simple as reusing old containers (with holes poked for drainage) and a little seed starter dirt or pumice (which I will be trying as soon as I can find some, lol). Keep them in a sunny window and water as needed (when the dirt is dry to the touch or finger deep). They only grow a few inches before you cut them and nom them. After you've cut them some grow back in a few days and others need to be tilled and new seeds planted. Since they grow rather fast its not such a pain to replant new seeds. So far so good. I'll post a little update with my next project post once I've got some sewing done.

Have a good week! Thanks for checking in.