Monday, May 30, 2011

Spats and Straps **Updated!

The most sewing I've done in the past 2 weeks has been making Spats (to fancy up my heels) and Recycled Seatbelt Guitar Straps. I should have some pix up soon for both and a little more about how I made them.

** Updated **
Here are the pix of the straps I mentioned.

Hanging up to dry after a good washing

another shot while drying.

Green Bikes screen printed on grey recycled/upcycled seatbelt webbing. (I made the bike graphic as well)

A shot of both the brown and grey straps. The brown has stars screenprinted.

I also made a few crocheted Guitar Straps. They have been tried and tested. Worked amazingly well even if they look like thin scarves. :D

The crocheted straps were a single stich a chain of 7 and go as long as you feel you need to comfortably support your guitar.

The seatbelt straps were cut from a standard sized strap and I made my own tabs for the ends.

I've been patiently awaiting the info to get my new Bernina machine. I really can't wait to get it. I've had so many issues with my current machine lately. Trying to get a nice straight line has been hard. ugh.

The June Artwalk is only a few days away. I'm trying hard to get all my current projects finished up before then. I came up with a new wallet pattern and haven't had the time to execute it yet. Hopefully I will be doing that later today.

I ended up missing Artwalk this month. A huge bummer. I was looking forward to the new location a friend had suggested selling at. Hopefully next month will be better and I can make it back out there.

Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Super Uber Giddy!

I finally got my letter from Bernina!! I'm sewwww excited!! I'll find out sometime in the next few weeks (hopefully soon) when I can pick up my new machine. My project lists keep getting longer and longer with things I'm going to make.

This past week had been a little bit of sewing slackery. I broke down and bought a doo-hickey to make my own bias tape. It was so much easier than my free hand attempts in the past. I found out that a 1/2 yd of fabric will make roughly 11yards of bias. The fabric I got to try out cost me .75 for a 1/2 yd. What a deal!!

Why the sudden urge to make my own bias tape?? I made a new pattern for my comic-book wallets!! I drew up a pattern for a tri-fold (vs. the bi-fold I had been making) wallet. Complete with change pouch, Id pocket with see-thru window, and the credit card / cash pockets. This weekend I plan on doing the first test-run of the wallets. I'll post some pix of the process and the finished wallet sometime during the week.

I've been tinkering with making frames for Art I'm in the process of painting, finishing guitar straps, going thru the fabric stash for summer clothes, and trying hard not to overwhelm myself with too many unfinished projects. I'll be the first to admit I have a touch of crafters A.D.D. Oh yes. I admitted it! I get so many ideas and even after writing them down in a sketchbook I still have an urge to just jump into it and try out the idea. Sometimes it leads to several unfinished projects. With the whole "spring cleaning" aspect in mind I have been doing my best to get all those little undone projects, done.

This coming week I will be making the new version of my comic-book wallets, a new ironing board cover (which didn't hit me til i was making the bias tape) as my old one is icky to look at, a pair of spats, cutting a pattern for a dress, and patiently awaiting my new BERNINA machine!

A fun productive weekend to you all.