Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artwalk prep

Artwalk is a little under a week away. I was shocked I sold as much as I did last month. It took 2 weeks to fill orders and I'm still getting restocked on other items just to sell.

I've been getting that feeling that the line between selling art I make and making art to sell is going to be blurred eventually. *sigh* If the enjoyment fades its more like a job. Thankfully I enjoy every moment of making art that sells. Everybody wants to make money..more so whilst doing something they actually like. Its hard not blurring that line just to get the bills paid. /rant

 I put my sewing machine thru heck making Comic-Book wallets. Here are a few of the filled orders, a pay-it-forward project, and the restocks.

time to get back to the machine. I have an outfit to finish so I have something to wear to artwalk. I'll post the outfit once I'm finished. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taking it back

This might be a little on the gross side for some readers. Just a little warning.

My latest project "Taking back the rag"

   Basically this project is helping me be a greener me and taking a step off the grid. Using less plastic and packaging. I had used O.B. (wrapped individually with plastic BOO) since I was 14. About 4 yrs ago I came across a product called INSTEAD. I tried it...loved the product and the fact that I use 2 of those a day instead of 6-10 tampons a day but hated that I was still using plastic products. I'm on the last box of INSTEAD and decided that it was time to get the DIVA cup. I still felt I needed something else to cover those light days so I looked up rags. Its been a fun project.
 I've had a pair of old flannel PJ's in my fabric stash that I've been hoping to upcycle and finally found the perfect project!! Turn them into cloth pads. The only thing I purchased to make these was "warm and natural" batting for the interior. I had cotton cloth, snaps, vinyl backed fabric, and flannel on hand. This was a fun and easy project. I tried out a pattern I found online thru my research: Pauline's pattern didn't fit me. I used her pattern for the first one and then reworked the pattern to fit me. If I had pads on hand I would have used those for a base but alas I had none. I have also seen a circular pattern that I am going to be trying later this week. They look super easy to make and have a good amount of coverage. :D

closed / opened

The next half of this "taking back the rag" project is making a few wet bags and crochet tampons.

I'm still researching the crochet tampon. I couldn't imagine its less safe than the chemically treated tampons in the stores. ICK. I'd rather give natural cotton a chance. If anyone knows more about them please drop me a line!

Wet bags/ reusable snack bags have been on my list for a while and now is the time to get them done. Summer is creeping up and I'd like to have them done for traveling and kayaking. Its nice to be able to take snacks and other goodies out on the water with me without plastic baggy's that might fly into the water.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

new new new

Gosh this is going to be the first of many posts. I tend to bog down my facebook with all the projects I complete. Seemed like a good time to start a blog and expand.

 I sew as much as I can and find myself taking on projects that I haven't tried before and ones that I have lots of experience with. I make a little of everything these days. I enjoy making hand-sewn felt creatures, machine sewn clothes, and purses.

 Projects I hope to be completing in the next few months: Machine embroidery, brand tags, and yarnbombing tags, summer skirts, wrap dresses and workout clothes.

Thanks for tuning in. :D