Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to the 60's

In my stash of patterns, like most of you out there, I have patterns I've sat on and never used. I have a handful that I got at a church rummage sale back in 1995 and a few I picked up in 1997 when I moved to Jacksonville,FL. Of those I decided to try my hand at one of the cute 60's dress patterns I got here in J-ville.
The pattern is an original not a re-launch. The instructions are hilarious and quite dated. I used white khaki material for the dress. It is very see thru so I'm looking to get some teal dye for it and possibly do a duel tone dye (teal and lime).

Here is the pattern:

Here is the version I made from the exact directions:

This was the first project I made with my new Bernina series 330. I plan to make another version of this dress but a little more updated. Meaning: use bias tape instead of lining it. Its way too bulky with the lining. The Bernina 330 handled everything like a dream, down to the buttons and button holes.

Off to continue my current projects. I'm tinkering with bike bags and mp3 player arm bands this weekend. Now that Blogger seems to be over its log in issues with my accounts I should be updating again on monday. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!