Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artwalk prep

Artwalk is a little under a week away. I was shocked I sold as much as I did last month. It took 2 weeks to fill orders and I'm still getting restocked on other items just to sell.

I've been getting that feeling that the line between selling art I make and making art to sell is going to be blurred eventually. *sigh* If the enjoyment fades its more like a job. Thankfully I enjoy every moment of making art that sells. Everybody wants to make money..more so whilst doing something they actually like. Its hard not blurring that line just to get the bills paid. /rant

 I put my sewing machine thru heck making Comic-Book wallets. Here are a few of the filled orders, a pay-it-forward project, and the restocks.

time to get back to the machine. I have an outfit to finish so I have something to wear to artwalk. I'll post the outfit once I'm finished. 


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  2. Those are so cute! I can't wait to see your outfit.