Thursday, April 18, 2013

lazy girl

Work and a wonderful guy have had my attention lately. . .only to say I haven't been keeping up on here like I should. I have been creating art and wondrous crafty stuffs. Finished my second painting of the year yesterday. . it reminded me that I could be sharing it with all of you!! Once it is in the hands of the new owner I will post pix and info. For now I'll share what I've been doing between painting: I busted out the screen printing equipment raring to jump into some projects I've had burning my brain.. only to find that my emulsion has expired and I have enough screen mesh for ONE screen. agggh! Wouldn't be such a big deal but I moved to a smallish town that has one michaels , one very small JoAnn's and nothing else as far as craft/art supply. Crazy living in a smallish COLLEGE town and only two art stores. Makes me a sad sad girl. I am impatient so online ordering drives me nuts. All the waiting just stinks. I did manage to finish one stencil (since the emulsion is crapped out), and one run. I raced to clean the screen and get it dried for the next run. Love the rush of s. printing. Seeing the image come to life is an awesome feeling. My inspiration sparked from my guys closet and our shared interests. THE STENCIL

The first run:

more to come

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